Things for which there should be a vaccine. Part 2.

If you enjoyed my first post on things for which there should be a vaccine, then I think you’ll enjoy this post. If you didn’t enjoy my first post, then it is my hope you will enjoy this post. Of course, that may make me a cockeyed optimist, and although there may need to be a vaccine for THAT condition as well, that is not the point of this post.

“Chicken wings.” Yes, chicken wings. For those unfamiliar with this condition, it is characterized by a spicy, tingly sensation, or else a sweet, sticky feeling. The only treatments to date are purely palliative: Milk-based compounds, often delivered via vegetable sticks, or C2J5OH-based concoctions.

This condition is also characterized by its recurrence since one chicken wing, or even one group of chicken wings, often called an “order,” is rarely sufficient.

Of course, there is no vaccine yet for “boneless chicken wings,” but we can hope.

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