I was looking for something else entirely (how to access the built-in webserver on my wifi-enable Keurig coffee maker, thanks for asking), and I ran across the classic RFC 1149. If you don’t have all the internet requests for comment memorized, RFC 1149 is titled “A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian… Continue reading RFC1149

A big one!

Although by the time I found it it was an ex-scorpion, much like Francis Buchholz, it was still a big one, about four or five inches long! I left it here on a rock so that one of our desert creatures could have a snack, or even a meal. Yum!

Why is no one ever gruntled?

It struck me today that we read a lot about disgruntled people. Why don’t we ever hear about gruntled people? Besides having the word “grunt” in it, which could turn some people off, it seems like a reasonable thing to be. So, if you are gruntled, don’t keep it to yourself, let someone know it.… Continue reading Why is no one ever gruntled?

Mucking telling collection

For the umpteenth time, I just had the spelling correction “feature” correct my spelling to a different word that meant something, well, different. It occurred to me that if it had corrected the title of this post the same way that I would end up with “mucking telling collection.” So, that is what I submit… Continue reading Mucking telling collection

Um, if you say so…

I know cannabis is all the rage right now, but even with all the hype, I can’t imagine that this product is really good for what it says it is. Maybe there is something I don’t know, but IDEAL for filling joints seems like a stretch? Just like they say about smoking a turkey…the tough… Continue reading Um, if you say so…

Pot-holes at O’Hare

As I have mentioned previously, I have an app in the Apple App Store called FlyOrDelay™. This is the ground stop it reported this morning at Chicago O’Hare: “Ground Stop. Pot hole runway 28C.” The ground stop has cleared, so they must have filled it in, but, really? A pot hole? I guess you can… Continue reading Pot-holes at O’Hare

This amused me

“Anyone who has ever tried to share pizza with roommates knows that Communism cannot ever work. If Lenin and Marx had just shared an apartment, perhaps a hundred million lives might have been spared and put to productive use making sneakers and office furniture.”― Daniel Suarez, Daemon Daemon is not a great two-book set. It… Continue reading This amused me

It was 33 years ago today

33 years ago today I started work at Arthur Andersen. It was officially the Management Information Consulting Division (MICD) of Arthur Andersen & Co., S.C., but I figured I would jump ahead a year to the splitting off of Andersen Consulting. Andersen Consulting became Accenture, and it still is. It was a good run for… Continue reading It was 33 years ago today

Shameless self-promotion

My iOS app FlyOrDelay is out in the Apple App Store here. It shows airport delays, not flight delays, but this is the time of year where there will be a lot of airport delays. Lightning at MCO? Ground stop. Thunderstorms at DFW? Ground stop. Windy at ORD? Departure delay. You get the point. At… Continue reading Shameless self-promotion

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