If you know what this is, you are old… Part 1 of many?

This is the first of possibly many, “If you know what this is, you are old…” posts.

These were the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, the best thing since sliced bread (or pull-top beer), the jelly in the jelly-roll, and so on. Elephant Memory Systems 5 1/4″ single- or double-sided diskettes were just what you needed for your Apple ][. An Elephant never forgot, and you could get all of 144K of stuff on one of these. Wow, just wow!

So, if you knew what that was, give yourself one point. If you remembered that An Elephant Never Forgets, give yourself another point. If you still have a drawer full of copy protect tabs, give yourself a third point.

And if you remember when these were the new “smaller” diskettes because you had been using 8″ diskettes before, you are really old.

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