Respectable 5G performance

I have a new iPhone that supports 5G. I had a minute when I was out and about today and ran a speedtest. As you can see, I got a respectable 96.2 Mbps down and 32.8 Mbps up. That is not going to replace the 904.99 Mbps that I just tested on my home Mac (with 4 ms ping) or even the 379 Mbps on my iPhone on home Wifi, but it is respectable. If the promise of 5G is to replace home Wifi, it is still about 9X slower downloading, but it is doing fine uploading.

Still no 5G coverage at my house, and very little LTE coverage either, considering I am in sight of the antenna, but good to know that when I am away from home I can now get 5G.

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