Things that sound dirty, but are not: Part 4.

(By special guest poster Cato T. Pultey.)

Thanks, Paul. I appreciate the chance to appear in your blog.

[Happy to have you. Ed.]

I ran across this article while looking for a mojito recipe: “Here’s Why Bartenders Spank Your Mint” and thought, “Golly that sounds dirty.”

[Do people really say, “Golly?” Ed.]

So I read the article, and it turns out that spanking your mint is not what you might think if you have a dirty mind. It means giving the mint a good whack [Not helping your case, Cato. Ed.] to release the aromatics of the mint.

From the article: “A smack accentuates the oils, whereas more violent action against the herb — like a muddle or a crush that can bruise and break leaves and stems — will release more of a chlorophyll aroma.”

So, the lesson here is to be gentle with your mint and give it a good smack, but be careful not to break the stem. [Quit while you are ahead. Ed.] Muddle on!

Thanks for reading.

[Don’t call us, Cato. We’ll call you. Ed.]

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