Things that sound dirty, but are not. Part 1.

Moth balls. Moth balls.

If your thoughts immediately went to the picture on the left, and you wondered if moth’s have balls, you have a dirty mind. If you care about the answer, here is a wikipedia entry that may or may not answer your questions.

If your thoughts went to naphthelene or even 1,4-dichlorobenzene then 1) you are old and 2) you are a geek. “Dichlorobenzene?” really? That is the kind of information that you keep in your head? Why not memorize Babe Ruth’s lifetime batting average (.342) or the name of the lab where Alex Rodriguez got his steroids (Biogenesis)? Why not memorize the Lone Ranger’s nephew’s horse’s name (Victor) or that Victor is the son of the Lone Ranger’s horse (Silver)? Why fixate on dichlorobenzene? Why not magnesium sulfate or 2,4,6-trichloroanisole? Wait. Where was I again?

Moth balls. Moth balls, right. Why would you be thinking about moth balls? Why can’t you stop now?

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