Things that sound dirty, but are not. Part 2.

aka, long-tailed tit.

Mumruffin. I know you are probably saying to yourself, “Self,” you are saying to yourself, “I think a mumruffin is just a long-tailed tit.” But, of course, that doesn’t make “mumruffin” sound less dirty. If anything, it may make it worse since a Mumruffin is also known as a “bum towel.”

So, around and around we go: Mumruffin, long-tailed tit, bum towel. “Bum towel” sounds worse than “long-tailed tit” if it refers to the part of the anatomy and not to a vagrant. Where does it all stop? Where did it all begin? For that matter, which came first, the mumruffin or the egg?

I’ll leave you with this from Romane Clark and Paul Welsh, Introduction to Logic (1962): “All vireos are blue-eyed, and no mumruffin is blue-eyed; therefore no vireo is a mumruffin.” Of course, not all vireos are blue-eyed…

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