What is this?!

Sitting in a hotel room, I saw this on the wall. Notice how it is yellowed and dusty and generally lonely. Remember when you would have plugged your laptop’s modem into this jack by the desk in the room? Remember going from 9,600 bps to 14,400 bps all the way to 33,600 bps? Do you… Continue reading What is this?!

Busted bracket blows big break

My NCAA bracket broke with Illinois’ loss. Now I am playing to come in somewhere between 36th and 68th out of 72 brackets. The best case has me in the last slot of the top half. So, mediocrity is all I have to hope for now. Wait until next year…

Two months without twitter

I left twitter and deleted the app on January 10 after more than 12 years of using it multiple times a day. I cannot imagine buying a ream of paper that allows me to print only information that the manufacturer has pre-approved, so I found I could not imagine being a part of a platform… Continue reading Two months without twitter