Prepare three envelopes

I ran across this old chestnut today and it amused me: An incoming executive is replaced and the outgoing executive hands over three envelopes saying, “Open these one at a time when things get tough.” A couple months go by, and things get tough, so the new executive opens the first envelope. It says, “Blame… Continue reading Prepare three envelopes

Staying on Top of IT Trends

Staying on Top of IT Trends

File this one under “self promotion” as well. It is my latest eBook published on the TAGCXO web-site. Download it here. You know you want to…

If you know what these are, you are old. Part 26.

The answer is not “spreadsheets,” but it could be in a few years. This is the Software Arts program, that was THE killer application for the Apple ][. Lotus 1-2-3 pretty much killed it four years later. Did you guess “VisiCalc?” You are right!

The Old College Try

Most probably know what it means when you say you’re ‘giving it the old college try.’ However, in general, business and IT often speak very different languages. Sometimes what means one thing to the business means something else entirely to IT. Here’s a humorous look at some familiar jargon and the ultimate disconnect in meaning.… Continue reading The Old College Try