Best of, post 1: Fox & Hound & Duck?!

Originally posted October 15, 2020 here

Here is your animal update for the day:

I had new internet pulled into my home office.  I got tired of fighting with everyone in the neighborhood, and so I sprung for gigabit service.  The installer whose name was Elvis (no lie) left the building without completing the installation, so I borrowed a friend’s Fox & Hound (Thanks, Joe!) and wrapped it up myself.  If you have never used a Fox & Hound before, it is a device that puts a tone onto a network wire (the “fox”) and lets you trace that wire by “listening” for the tone with the other part of device (presumably the “hound”).  Enough about King Philip coming over for good soup, though, on to ducks…

[This did not age well. “King Philip coming over for good soup” is the mnemonic for remembering kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. But other than noting here that ducks below to the family Anatidae, I have no idea why I wrote that. -PTC]

I had made a duck on my 3D printer several months ago.  It is top-heavy, however, and so although it floats, it tips over.  Inspired by this post ( I thought if I added legs that I could adjust the center of gravity.  Well, the legs work, but the center of gravity is still too high.  Back to the drawing board.

That is your animal update for the day.

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