Cox internet stinks, no, more than that…

like a Hoover

…it sucks.

I am in the midst of a Cox internet outage. While spending 49 minutes on “chat” to try to get a service credit, I learned a few things:

  1. Cox notification service does not notify of outages. That makes sense, if they were to tell all the registered phone numbers about their outages, we would all want credits. It turns out there have been outages five of the last eight business days for me. I suspect my connection simply bounced over to my next network and I moved on without paying much attention. That does explain the messages from Zoom about my network being unstable…
  2. The length of an outage is a random number. The outage grew three hours in length while I was on the chat. I doubt the resolution time is at all correlated to what they report.
  3. The call center agent wanted to trouble-shoot my device even though I had told her there was a Cox-level outage and the web-site says NOT to trouble-shoot the device. Left-hand, any clue what the right-hand is doing?
  4. I got a $16.11 credit off a $99 “Gigablast” bill. However, that only takes into account the outages up to that minute. Tomorrow I can go through this again and they’ll calculate another credit. I figure this is the only way to make them take any notice. The good news is that >I< can multi-task and cost them money while I work.

I bought the most expensive Cox connectivity so that it will work. Cox. Fix. Your. Service.

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